Agents of Light

We want to take the Light of Jesus to the often-dark country of Haiti!

Itralene was 8 years old when she was first introduced to formal language. At home, Itralene and her family would communicate using gestures that were made up to mimic a language. These “home signs” are common when a deaf child is born into a hearing family with no access to a Deaf community.

When Itralene arrived, she was quite shy, and yet, very observant of the organized language used by the other Deaf students. She quickly learned sign language, and like a light in the darkness, a whole new world opened up for her. She could express herself; others could understand her; she was able to learn about her environment, and she made several friends, and even found a best friend just like her.

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? Romans 10:14

Without language, how would Itralene have heard about the love of Jesus?

Agents of Light are monthly givers who help us take language and the love of Jesus to the Deaf in Haiti.

When you become an Agent of Light, you will receive a welcome gift, regular email updates, quarterly field updates from CTEN, and the opportunity to personally tell the Deaf you are praying for them – via video chat!

Your recurring gift will make an impact for Christ!

$25/month will provide Deaf students with much needed after-school tutoring.

$35/month will allow 2 mothers of our Deaf students to attend American Sign Language classes.

$50/month will provide 3 Deaf students with summer programs, such as vocational training and extra-circular activities.

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Meet the Kids



BirthdayJan 3

Amanta’s smile can light up a room.  She enjoys special attention and would benefit from a strong Christian mentor.  With vocational training and a new home, she would thrive and be able to share her talents and heart with others.



BirthdayNov 9

Sweet Cardova is shy and loves to laugh.  She hopes to attend a new school in the fall that uses her native language – sign language.


BirthdayDec 28

This blue-eyed beauty is full of sass!  She hopes to attend a new school in the fall that uses her native language – sign language.


BirthdayNov 8

Emma is so intelligent and loves to serve others.  She is willing to jump in and help with any chores.  She can often be found in front of her sewing machine or braiding a friend’s hair.


BirthdayApril 12

Another blue-eyed beauty, Gracia likes games and trying new activities.  She hopes to attend a new school in the fall that uses her native language – sign language.


BirthdayMar 27

Strong as an ox! Jeffly likes lifting heavy things and has become a handyman. He prefers to be moving outside than sitting inside. With the right vocational training, he will be a valuable asset to any organization.


BirthdayDec 11

With those dimples, who can resist him? Roventzley loves soccer, candy and is in urgent need of placement in a Deaf school.


BirthdayNov 25

Jeffson has taught me how to make his special spaghetti recipe. It’s spicy! Jeffson likes to cook and has keen attention to details. He wants to enroll in vocational training.